What Are The Most Popular Forms That Entertainment Online Has Taken In Modern Times?

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Instead of the television, people these days usually turn to the Internet for entertainment. Traditional forms of media are losing the significance they once held since online entertainment keeps on gaining more and more value. Even entertainment online has taken so many forms that people have been seeking to be entertained over multiple platforms, rather than sticking to just any single format.

The Internet has really had quite a huge impact on entertainment and now there are so many different forms of online entertainment, such as the ones below.

Live Video Streaming

It is no longer sufficient to merely just share videos through a myriad of portals. These days, people often in tune in to the Internet to follow live events. As a result, numerous live video streaming services have surfaced in recent times, which are currently striving to dominate and take control of the market. Live video streaming is now available through Facebook, Periscope, Twitch and YouTube, and many other platforms are also beginning to offer it too.

Music streaming

In the past couple years, Internet users have gained a far greater access to streaming websites, especially because of how cheap and speedy mobile broadband has become. Much live video streaming websites, music streaming services like Apple music, Google Play Music and Spotify are also equally striving to dominate and take control of the online music streaming market. In the past couple of years, there has been a rapid and tremendous rise in music streaming services, so much so that the global music industry is headed in a downward spiral.

Mobile games

The landscape of on-the-go gaming was forever changed ever since smartphones were introduced and gained popularity. Prior to 2007, people barely cared or knew about mobile games, so they were pretty insignificant. However, these days even consoles have to struggle with the competition that mobile gaming is presenting, especially online mobile games. In the coming years, online mobile games could even surpass console and PC games within the global gaming industry.

Online casinos

Ever since the inception of the online casino industry two decades ago, it has undergone tremendous growth. According to naga128.com SCR888 casino specialists the industry is now booming in South East Asia as they have seen a huge increase in the number of Malays wanting to play real money games online especially at SCR888.com. As a result of significant expansion, online casinos are accessible to just about every platform that is out there. Today, players from around the world can access online casinos from a myriad of devices as long as they are connected to the Internet, from desktop computers to smartphones.

Social networks

Check out Facebook

Just about every person on the planet has a social media profile on the many social networking websites that have surfaced online in the recent years, Facebook being topmost among them. The generation of today has a preference for remaining connected and they have developed a fondness for passing their time reading updates and sharing content on social networking websites. In fact, social media itself has become a form of online entertainment.


Entertain online is certainly not the same as it used to be several years ago. Just the fact that it has taken so many different forms means that people have countless options to be entertained just by having access to the Internet. In the coming years, the online entertainment industry will only keep on evolving.